ABC News reports that New York Governor Kathy Hochul described the winter storm that hit Buffalo and Western New York over Christmas Weekend as, "the blizzard of the century". Flights cancelled, 28,000 without power and vehicle travel banned on the city streets as nearly 50 inches of snow has fallen. Storms Media Storms Media
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New York started off pretty mild on Friday with some areas seeing temperatures reach the 50's. In at least one community along the shores of Lake Erie temperatures plummeted from 45 degrees to 12 degrees in just a few short moments. That is when homes and businesses started to be incased with ice. Storms Media Storms Media

CNN reports that cars, van, trucks and all types of vehicles were abandoned in the snow in Buffalo. New York State Police and local authorities had to go door-to-door, car-to-car, checking to see if people were in their vehicles. Storms Media Storms Media

Much of the freezing along Lake Erie is due to the below freezing temperatures combined with the spray of the lake water as the wind blows and waves hit the shoreline in Hamburg, NY. Storms Media Storms Media

Temperatures in the Buffalo area are expected to rise into the 40's this week and possibly the 50 within the next 7 days. This will move the thawing process along quickly. News News

There pictures are an eerie sight, pun intended, as the ice has appeared to stop time along the shores of Lake Erie. According to, when you combine the 200+ miles of water in the lake with wind gusts and very cold temperatures, that water spray will land on the buildings and freeze. Storms Media Storms Media

Drone Captures Images of the Breathtaking Lake George Ice Castles

Many in our area are excited for another season in the Adirondacks and the Lake George Ice Castles. Set to open for the season later this Winter, this year's exhibit
the Ice Castles will be expanded and enhanced in year two, and some of the significant additions include, an ice bar, whimsical winter characters for meet-and-greets, and new light features according to Town officials.

This magical display debuted last winter in the ADKs and is set to open later this year, and weather permitting, it will run through the entire 2023 Winter Season.
Check out these spectacular drone photos taken above the Lake George Ice Castles by the Adirondack Drone Company in Crowne Point. These images were taken last winter and showcase the sheer, sparkling beauty of these icy gems - quickly becoming one of Upstate's most-beloved attractions.

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