A group of about 50 people had their chance to weigh in on GOP Congressman Richard Hanna's decision to cross party lines and publicly support Hillary Clinton for president.

Organizers for Monday's rally outside of Hanna's Utica office on Genesee Street say they wanted to show they support Hanna's courage, and say that agree with him. This came just a few days after a group of Donald Trump supporters also gathered outside of Hanna's Utica office in protest.

'We're thanking Richard Hanna for his courage to switch party lines and endorse Hillary Clinton. And, it wasn't a Clinton rally but it was just us thanking Richard for crossing party lines to do what he thinks is best for his constituents and for America. We don't always agree [with Hanna] but have always respected [him]. We think he made the right decision to distance himself from the Republican candidate,' said Pat Costello, president of the CNY Labor Council AFL-CIO. 'We would agree 110% with Richard, a Donald Trump presidency would take this country in a direction that none of us want to see.'

One of Hanna's supporters, Gratton Johnson of Hamilton, added he'll be sad to see Hanna go. 'The party has swung so far to the right. [Hanna] was a pillar in the, sort of, center of the political spectrum and I was encouraged by that.'

Along with the labor council, Central New York Citizens in Action organized Monday's rally.