Did you know that Wednesday, September 16th, is National Guacamole Day? If you're anything like us, it feels like every day is Guacamole day, because we eat a lot of avocados in our house.

Avocados, the main ingredient in "Guac" -  are a super food filled with some 20 vitamins and minerals and a great source for the good fat allowing the body to absorb more vitamin A, D, K and E, according to Avocados from Mexico.

Let's start with a little guacamole history. You might be surprised to learn that the recipe is over 700 years old and dates back to ancient Aztecs who called it ahuacamolli.

The women of the palace labor away, preparing enormous quantities of food for the evening meal of the emperor Montezuma and his retinue. One woman in particular is in charge of preparing Montezuma’s favorite dish, ahuacamolli. Working quickly, just before it is to be served, she and her helpers peel the ripened ahuacatl fruit. They remove the large pits and the leathery skin, then drop the green flesh of the fruit into their molcajetes and mash it into a chunky paste. Next, they add a few dollops of a sauce made from vine-ripe tomatoes, green chilies and a dash of sea salt. As each woman’s batch is completed, it is carefully piled onto a large, finely crafted ceramic platter, imported exclusively for the Royal Household from the city of Cholula, across the snowcapped mountains to the east. Then, when all is ready, a young maiden cradles the platter in her outstretched arms and carries it into the dining hall. With head bowed, she kneels down and places the dish before the great and powerful Montezuma. He casually takes a warm corn tortilla from the basket at his side, folds it in half and uses it to scoop up a bite of the ahuacamolli. He savors its flavor and creamy texture, then smiles and nods his approval. - Avocados from Mexico

The avocado was brought to the United States in 1926 by California mail carrier Rudolph Hass. In 1935, he would patent the avocado tree, the first-ever patent on a tree in the United States, and from there the avocado and guacamole realized its popularity.

Guacamole is synonymous with snacking in the U.S.. You'll find it at house parties, tailgate parties, and yes, even weddings. In 2018, Tostitos brand concocted a 42 layer guacamole royal wedding cake, commemorating the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The cake featured 42-layers of dip, 72 jars of Tostitos dip products, chips and more.

Tostitos Celebrates Royal Wedding With Seven-Layer Dip Wedding Cake
Getty Images for Tostitos
Tostitos Celebrates Royal Wedding With Seven-Layer Dip Wedding Cake
Getty Images for Tostitos

You can find the authentic Guacamole recipe we use below. You can also find hundreds of creative avocado recipes here.

Are You Looking for great Guacamole in the Mohawk Valley? Here are some great places that serve it up deliciously.

Moe's Southwest Grill 90 Genesee Street Utica and 1877 Black River Blvd Rome

El Jarocho Restaurant and Bar 1305 Floyd Ave Rome

Luna 706 Varick Street Utica

Casa Too Mucha 13 Genesee Street New Hartford

Pedro's Kitchen 4648 Commercial Drive New Hartford

Rio Grande Tex Mex Grill 3913 Oneida Street Washington Mills

Chipotle Mexican Grill 4815 Commercial Drive New Hartford

Los Paisano Restaurant 202 James Street Utica



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