A legislative change is adversely affecting the trucking industry, so says a New York Congressman.

U.S. Representative Richard Hanna says that small businesses and everyday consumers are getting hurt by the law  the imposes new rules on how many hours commercial truck drivers can spend on the road.  Critics of the "Hours of Service" rule charge that it will cost the trucking industry $376 million annually.

Hanna is introducing legislation expected to provide relief to the legislation. Hanna was joined by Brian Brundige of Terpening Trucking in his explanation of how the new bill, H.R. 3413, called "The TRUE Safety Act," differs from current legislation.

Hanna made the announcement at Teal's Express in Marcy, New York.  Family-owned Teal's was begun as a freight and passenger service by John Teal shortly after the Civil War, and has been in the trucking business for more than one hundred years.

Hanna explained the impetus for the legislation, and the study done by Congress about the safety needs of truckers, a study he says is incomplete.

Among those joining Hanna Brundige were Ron Moore, also of Syracuse's Terpening Trucking, and Mike Chellis of Terpening and the New York State Motor Truck Association.


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