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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

VIP Club Members:  Keeler’s Gripe of the Day


Facebook to Allow Something that Should have Been Allowed A Long Time Ago

Facebook is finally introducing a new editing function that will let users correct embarrassing typos or misinformation on their status updates. The story explains everything is about to change.

Sgt. Steve Hauck of the Utica Police

Utica Police Recruitment: 

Billboard Love?

Gordon Engel talks about his quest to find love using...billboards?

Government Shutdown  -Where is Congressman Richard Hanna

Was Richard Hanna with Congressman Peter King?

Callers react to government shutdown and Richard Hanna on First News wth Keeler in the Morning:

Denise in Rome:

Nick and Nick:


Interviews with Miss America and comedian Jim Breuer had to be bumped to Wednesday, so be sure to join us on tomorrow's program.

Things Brides Can Learn from my 10-years as a Wedding Deejay

Everything in this story is true.

Sheriff Rob Maciol on Animal Control Officer

What about Whitestown case?

Rocco LaDucaof the Utica OD

Shares what he has learned about the case of the Whitestown tortured kittens: