First News with Keeler in the Morning is giving listeners the chance to share their Powerball ticket winnings Wednesday night; that is, if there are any!  .

What were last night's winning numbers for the lottery and Powerball?
Kristine Bellino

Here's how it works: Keeler takes  callers on-air and asks them to pick from his lottery numbers.  Powerball picks include five numbers from one to 59 and a Powerball number from one to 35.  If the caller's numbers win, they receive 1/5th of the jackpot payout after taxes and fees.



Contestants in our "Keeler Show Powerball Pool" can only win with the numbers they have been assigned below:

Elizabeth, Bill, Andrew, Davey, Jeff:   7,  21,  24,  xx,  xx   PB- xx

Pam, Bill, Andrew, Davey, Jeff:     5, 10, 17, xx,  xx   PB- xx

John, Bill, Andrew, Davey, Jeff:   4,  12,  19,  xx,  xx   PB- xx

Cheryl, Bill, Andrew, Davey, Jeff: 8, 22, 46, xx, xx  PB xx

Dan, Bill, Andrew, Davey, Jeff:  15, 27, 38, xx, xx  PB- xx

The Powerball drawing happens on Wednesday night, August 23, 2017. Official Townsquare Media contest rules apply. Click here to review. WIBX or its associates can not be held responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Contestants are only eligible to win if the 5 numbers they selected result in a jackpot for the Keeler Show crew (Andrew, Davey, Jeff and Bill). There is no purchase necessary.


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