Friday, December 12th, 2014

Today is the day of the big Keeler Christmas Bash at the Radisson! All you have to do to come to this shindig is bring a toy or monetary donation. It's all to benefit our Toy Drive benefiting Operation Sunshine.

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***Today’s Topics***


Jeff Monaski/WIBX

- Gallagher and Willie Waffle are In Studio to talk about the senior citizen show yesterday and the big event tonight!


- Wayne calls in to say Hi to Gallagher.


- We talk about some more issues with America and we talk with Jeff Eno of the Weather Channel.


- Willie Wafflegives us the weekend movie reviews from the STUDIO!!!

Jeff Monaski/WIBX


- We play audio from the man stuck on the elevator.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- Lt. Hauck is on to talk about the dog abuse case and John Dellerba of the PBA calls up to donate $500 to the dog's recovery.


- Our big event is going on tonight! Gallagher and Willie Waffle will be there as well as a number of awesome musical acts and other entertainment. We also talk about some of the biggest songs of the year.


- We get talking about Mariah Carey's terrible Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on NBC.

Curt Smith - Former George H. Bush Speech Writer

- Before we get to Curt we talk about the latest Bill Cosby accuser.

- Curt is author of the new book George H.W. Bush: Character at the Core. He has a few appearances he's making in Utica. He talks about working in the Bush Sr. White House and his presidency.

Matt Episcopo - Magician

- We talk to Matt about tonight's event and what he's doing and a funny story about Gallagher.

Wrapping Up For The Week

- Don't Miss The Keeler Christmas Bash tonight at 7pm at the Radisson! All you need to get in is a toy or monetary donation.