Friday, January 25th, 2019

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland (FNR) joins us this morning to talk about the latest on the partial Government Shutdown. She reports that both sides are slightly closer to a deal.

- Willie Waffle is THE weekend movie reviewer. He lets us know what to see and not to see.

The Kid Who Would Be King -. A kid finds Excalibur and must battle an ancient villain. (2 Waffles)

Serenity - Matthew McConaughey is approached by ex wife Anne Hathaway to save her from her new husband. (1/2 Waffle)

7 AM Hour

- Jim Piccola of the NYSDOT is on this morning to update us on the latest with traffic updates and clean up from the threat of flooding yesterday.

- Utica Councilman Mark Williamson is in studio this morning to talk about the latest on Valley View Golf Course and his thoughts on the situation.

8 AM Hour

- John Naegele of Buried Acorn Brewery is in for our Craft Beer of the Week segment.

- Robert Friedlander is the mayor of Whitesboro. He's on this morning to respond to flooding risk and threat from Thursday.

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