Friday, June 12th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- One of the areas dealing with a spike in Coronavirus cases is Arizona. We get specific numbers from Tonya J. Powers (FNR).

7 AM Hour

- Connor Maxwell is a 19-year-old SUNY Cobleskill student who was diagnosed with Cancer when the COVID-19 pandemic began. We speak with Connor's father Mark this morning. You can read more about Connor's Story at

- Greeley Ford from the State Liquor Authority is back on this morning to reiterate and clarify comments he made yesterday regarding live outdoor music at restaurants and bars. He says the SLA will not levy any fines or revoke licenses for musicians, but you STILL have to worry about local health departments or municipalities regulations or rules.

- As we go into another weekend we are seeing hot spots or spikes pop up across the country of the virus. We speak with Dr. Hall about his latest thoughts on the spike and preparedness.

8 AM Hour

- We are pleased to have back on the air Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul. She speaks with us about the beginning of Phase 3 reopening today and race relations in the state and the nation.

- We end the week speaking with County Executive Anthony Picente regarding Phase 3 reopening and how he feels the future looks with COVID-19 still in the county. Nursing homes are a major topic as well.


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