Friday, June 26th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- Fox News has released a new poll from battleground states on the Presidential election. We get the details from FNR's Tonya J. Powers. Happy Friday!

7 AM Hour

- We always enjoy our conversations with Rick Lewis and today he's joining us to discuss the discrimination at Sylvan Beach in the 60s.

- After a long GOP Primary for NY-22, George Phillips joins us this morning to discuss what went wrong and if he will support Tenney moving forward.

- We wrap up another week of conversations and questions with Dr. Kent Hall from MVHS.

8 AM Hour

- The automotive industry took a bit of a hit during the shutdown, but now things are getting somewhat "back to normal." One local dealership is with us this morning to talk about how they're doing things moving forward. We talk to Matt Nimey of Nimey's the New Generation.

- Alex Gerould from Senator Joe Griffo's office calls in to read a quick statement regarding a call from a listener during the Senator's last appearance on the show. He was a patient at the CNY Psych Center.

- We end the week before Bill's vacation next week getting an update on COVID-19 in Oneida County with Anthony Picente and how he feels about Phase 4. We also speak with him about the various project delays around the county.


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