Friday, March 25th, 2016

6 AM Hour

We open with the Hillary Home Security System.

Good Friday.

A poll is out this morning.  Two-thirds of Americans want the United States Senate to hold nomination hearings for United States Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Merrick Garland.

We talk about laws in Belgium that prohibit raids being conducted after 9:00pm or before 5:00am.

Earnie thinks that his Kristine song should be the new news bed music.  The gang says that they love the song but they nix the idea.

Rachel Sutherland from Fox News joins us to talk about the Twitter fights between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.  As a woman she says, we are not looking at these candidates and asking "Who looks better in a suit."   She says that she has heard Trump referred to as an "orange overlord."  She says that the fight does not speak well for either candidate.

Barbara in Utica tries her hand at the Free Money Question of the Day.  She wins a gift certificate to Carmella's Cafe.

Paul from Remsen calls in to talk about Trump versus Cruz.  He says that Cruz denounced the initial Tweet and Trump re-Tweeted it.


Willie Waffle reviews Marvel's "Batman versus Superman," and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2."  The superhero movie, he says, "stinks."  He gives it one waffle.

Kristine and Willie argue about staying for the credits.  Willie says don't bother.  Kristine is...appalled.  You should always stay for the credits, she says.


7 AM Hour

The NCAA Tournament is underway.  How tall are these guys?

Julie calls in to find out Keeler's opinion about New York Mets player Yoenis Cespedes.


Happy birthday to:

  • Ricky Baker from Utica
  • James DiSpirito from Frankfort
  • Kim
  • Matthew Przybyla from Utica

Congratulations to James DiSpirito who wins the gift certificate for a birthday cake from The Florentine Pastry shop in Utica.


What do you think of Congressional candidate David Gordon's commercials, now on YouTube?

Lt. Steve Hauck and Lt. Bryan Coromato from the Utica Police Department joins us to talk about an incident that occurred in Utica this week.

WIBX post March 24, 2016
WIBX post March 24, 2016


8 AM Hour

Do you feel guilty about taking vacation?  The author of "No Jerks on the Job," Ron Newton joins us and talks about "vacation shaming."  It is Good Friday and we are here...

Brian in Whitesboro takes his chance at a Free Money Question of the Day.  He wins a gift certificate from Carmella's Cafe.

A guy in Wisconsin was arrested for failing to return a 14-year-old VHS tape.

A mail carrier in Vermont saved a man's life and then continued on his route.

A woman married her sperm donor.

Some parents in Georgia are upset that their students are practicing yoga in school.

Tim Alberta, Chief Political Correspondent for the National Review, joins us to talk about the latest Fox News national poll which suggests that Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are the best candidates to take on Democrat Hillary Clinton.  Kasich, he says, have to win 120-percent of the remaining delegates in order to win unless it is a contested convention.  Alberta predicts a "photo finish" in the delegate count.

We talk with Street Rock Mafia about their new song inspired by the Utica Comets 2015 Calder Cup run.

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