Friday, November 27th, 2015

6 AM Hour

It's Black Friday. Are there any deals luring you in? Plus, a recap of Thanksgiving sports - Football and Syracuse Hoops

The Utica Common Council and Syrian refugees.

The new Star Wars movie is approaching. Who knew Kristine was such a big Star Wars fan?

FREE Money Question of the Day

7 AM Hour

John Zogby with the latest on the current leaders of the 2016 presidential race

Katlean De Monchy on Black Friday specials

A FREE Money Question with a Star Wars twist

Fitness guru Warren Honeycutt on holiday eating and weight gain

8 AM Hour

Former Keeler intern Ray Richer was part of one of the most notorious Keeler stunts of all time. He recalls the incident that got him arrest more than two decades ago

National security expert Molly Hooper joins us. Something she says sets Joe Hobika off

Now Joe is taking criticism for his criticism of the previous guest

Caller Dennis has high praise for the Keeler show. Then, he calls back for the contest and wins $100!