Monday, May 5th, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


***Happy Cinco de Mayo***

- Preview of what to come today including Stewart's Shop representatives, Ron Moshier discussing High School Baseball and the weather's effect on it. Trisha LaFache is from Utica and is in the hit blockbuster "God's Not Dead."

- Oscar Pistorius back in court and is the reason for Bill's gripe "My Lady." This is referring to the female judge in his murder trial.

- Kentucky Derby ran this weekend and our man JoJo did not make a correct pick but was really close. California Crown was the winner! If you had an "Exacta Box" for $2, you would have won around $1,200.

- Stewart's Shop representatives coming on later in the show to discuss the choice for the location and why they have not chose West Utica.


- Plate Night will be premiering this Thursday and this week's featured restaurant is the Fairways Restaurant at the Mohawk Valley Country Club. Plate Night is great because you can watch it when you want and get recipes online as well. You will be able to find the episode and restaurant content online at

- Central New York is filled with great local restaurants.

- Over the weekend the Ringling Brothers were performing in Rhode Island and something happened during one of the acts and 9 total performers were injured.

Check Out The Video Here:

- How long will it take David Gregory to lose his job. His guests that he's been bringing on have been awful and irrelevant. We should take bets as to how long he will keep his job with "Meet The Press."

- Barbara Walters did an interview with V. Stiviano, who is the girlfriend of Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The interview wasn't great and people are wondering when we will hear from Donald Sterling.


- President Obama tells a few jokes at the White House correspondents dinner. While most are focusing on the Benghazi attacks, Gregory is leading with the dinner. Needless to say NBC may be going through some problems with David Gregory and "Meet The Press." Long-time "Meet The Press" producer has resigned recently and there are rumors that claim a "Psychological Consultant" was hired but Gregory is denying that.

- Kristine believes that he appears to be losing his confidence and who could blame him? Bill believes that Chuck Todd would be a good one to step into that spot. Chuck may be more like Tim Russert.

- Why are people like on "Meet The Press?"

- Jeff Eno from The Weather Channel gives us the weather forecast.


- "Plate Night" premieres this week on Bill's wife believes for "Plate Night" he should wear an Apron to the shoots.

- V. Stiviano did an interview with Barbara Walters and she thinks that Sterling is not actually racist, but traumatized.


- Are we sick and tired with this weather? Should we stop complaining about it? Regardless this has not been a true Spring.

- Is there an end to aging? The fastest growing age group in the U.S. is 90+. The key to growing old and being healthy is daily exercise, 2 alcoholic drinks a day, and sexual activity. There is a story about younger blood in an older body.

- Researchers are working on a study where as they put new blood into and older mouse and it helped their cognitive activity. Blood has an very big effect on people.


- Today is Cinco de Mayo! Grab your favorite Mexican drink and enjoy!

- We will find out the latest from the Stewart's Shop situation in East Utica.

- An editorial was sent in to "The Daily Star" in Oneonta about Republican Congress primary candidate Claudia Tenney. To read the full editorial, Click Here.

They Say It's Your Birthday...!

Happy Birthday to...

  • Dina Belmontfrom Frankfort
  • Nick Gilberti from Utica
  • Pat Trojnar from Whitesboro
  • Chanston Thacker

Congratulations to Dina Belmont! You win the Birthday Cake from The Florentine Pastry Shop.

Chuck Marshall - Stewart's Shops

- Stewart's Shops Project Manager on to discuss there desire to move into that East Utica location. The West Utica and neighbors of the location where the Shop is intended to be, are wanting a West Utica location.

- It is possible that a Stewart's Shop location will end up in West Utica, but right now they want to see how this East Utica location does.

- Chuck claims that they will help to clean up the area and the location.

- Stewart's hope is for economic development. West Utica locations brought up internal red flags given that one of the West Utica locations was passed on by competitors. We will find out probably by the end of the May.

- Councilman Testa called in to give the support of Stewart's Shop and hopes one will end up in West Utica.


- "Plate Night" coming up this Week.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Ron was on to talk about High School baseball and how this weather so far has made it hard to play games. Some teams may not be able to play the full 18 game regular season schedule. Double-Headers may be a necessity.

- Clinton is the team to watch this year as well as New Hartford, Little Falls, and Sauquoit. Oriskany and New York Mills is a big rivalry.

Frank Lentricchia - Author

- Frank was raised in Utica, New York by working class, first-generation Italian-American parents. He has the Eliot Conte series, which takes place in Central New York. Frank is also a professor of American Literature at Duke University.

- He's on to promote his latest book "The Dog Killer Of Utica." He has a book reading and signing at "The Other Side" on Genesee Street near Cafe Domenico.

- He refers to Utica as a character in his books. Between the people, the setting, and the food it makes it so.

- Ironically enough there really have been many dog killers in Utica and in Central New York.

- You can hear Frank read excerpts from his novel and get your copy signed tonight at 7:30pm at "The Other Side" on Genesee St. Also come ready to ask him questions.

Trisha LaFache - Actor

- Trisha is a native of Utica, NY and is in the blockbuster hit "God's Not Dead." This movie is currently in theaters and taking off. She went to law school in New York and ended up landing some big roles including the movie "Garden State."

- We also spoke with Jeff Birnbaum who is a FOX News Political Analyst. He talked to us about Benghazi. Talking about an email that was part of the evidence that may have been overlooked in order to protect certain people.

Bill Had A Question About "Plate Night"

- Will it be on TV? No, but it will reach more people online! You can see it on all 4 Townsquare websites with new episodes premiering every Thursday at Noon.

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