Monday, October 21st, 2019

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland (FNR) is on this morning with an update on the latest on impeachment and Mulvaney's appearance on Fox News Sunday.

7 AM Hour

- John Mirante is running for the 4th District Common Council seat currently held by Joe Marino. He rhymes and gives us all the reasons why he should be elected to sit on the council.

- The annual 'Gourmet Guys to the Rescue' event to benefit the Utica Rescue Mission is being held Sunday, October 27st, 2019. Wendy Goetz is the executive director of the Mission and she explains some changes that have been made to the event and for the better.

8 AM Hour

- Adam Rippon is a U.S. Olympian who is the first openly gay athlete to win a medal. He did it in the sport of figure skating. We speak with him about his accomplishments and his decision to come out.

- Brett Baier of the Fox News Channel has a new book out titled, "3 Days At The Brink." It covers one of the most iconic and important decisions, and gambles, by FDR to Win World War II.

- Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute is celebrating 100 years. Anna D'Ambrosio is the President and CEO. Plus, we speak with MWPAI board member Steve Kowalski, of ERL Intermodal, which is debuting an Earth Day documentary at Munson later this week. Keeler in the Morning - Oct 21, 2019.

- President Trump once again had a huge weekend and we are lucky to have Jon Decker of Fox News Radio to break it all down for us.

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