Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Today we talk about the terrible Brian Williams fiasco and we also talk about Obamacare's effect on your tax return and Naegele brings us in great beer.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Brian Williams makes a major mistake and completely lies about an incident of being shot down in a helicopter.


- We play the audio from Brian Williams' appearance on Letterman where he shares details of the lie and Andrew Cuomo is a different man!


- We check in with Monaski about road conditions and a police search warrant executed on York Street. We also talk about the Syracuse University decision to self-impose post season ban penalty.


- Are the tabloids going overboard when it comes to Bruce Jenner and his transitioning into a woman. Magazines are super-imposing his face on model bodies. The New York Times even did a story about it.


- We talk about a story about Rutger Street that has to do with the purchase of a large building. We also continue to talk about Brian Williams' false report.

Nora Celaya - CPA

- Nora is a CPA with and she's on to talk about Obamacare and how it can effect your refunds! Joe Hobika calls up to remind Bill to keep it up and try and make it to his 500th show tomorrow.


- A veteran has called out Brian Williams about his helicopter story and it is a huge disappointment. Does he survive this?


- Know anyone locally that is providing great Valentine's Day gifts? Let us know. Donna calls up to talk about how she does singing telegram. If you want a singing telegram call 768-7161 and $5 from each telegram will go to the Steven Swans Humane Society.


- All famous people have to do if they are a national figure is apologize for wrong doings or mistakes. Is that okay? Facebook may be able to see your personal photos with the sync mode.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

- Craft Beer of the Week time! Naegele brings us in Ithaca Brewing Companies "Day Dreamer."

Continuing with John

- Naegele talks about the history of Utica and Budweiser's battle against craft brewers.

Wrapping Up For The Day

- JoJo calls up to remember the late great Frank McBride and we remember him and his best contest.