Thursday, June 11th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- A Congressional panel held a hearing on police practices and accountability yesterday and we get a review from Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.

- A recent college graduate from Missouri wrote several emails to Merriam-Webster and got them to agree to update it's definition of "racism."

7 AM Hour

- During the COVID-19 Pandemic one of the hardest hit groups were nursing home patients. Visitor restrictions have been strictly enforced and many people have not seen loved ones in months. One local group is doing something cool. Terry Girouard is on this morning to discuss "A Nursing Home Hello from the Heart"

- One of the big questions being asked by local restaurants is can we have local musicians play outside and serve alcohol? We finally have the answer thanks to State Liquor Authority Commissioner and friend of the show, Greeley Ford.

8 AM Hour

- The Food Bank of CNY is holding a Nourish NY Food Distribution Event on June 17th and they are looking for families in need. You can can register now or register someone you know.

- There is a new attraction in Little Falls and Mayor Mark Blask joins us this morning because he's so excited about it. Blask explains how the new drive-in theater came to be.

- We get our daily update from MVHS Chief Physician Executive Dr. Kent Hall. He's always ready, willing and able to answer all questions we have.


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