Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Great weather yesterday if you like miserable weather!

- Bill goes off about all the appliances he owns that are breaking down. According to Consumer Reports, he's been getting "all the best." His washer, dish washer, Keurig coffee maker all are becoming defective.

- The problem now is that everything is becoming more complicated is computerized.

- There are a lot of things to talk about including this possible extended school day in the City of Utica. To read the article on this topic:

- We will also talk about the Ninja Roller Coaster in California that went off the track and the continuing violence in Chicago.


- Kristine got many calls yesterday and only one person was from the affected area. Of course, we're talking about the extended school day.

- LeRoy calls up and gives his thoughts on the issue. LeRoy was also upset with the fact that the extended day is getting into his time as a parent.

- LeRoy brings up a good point about homework. Jeff believes that there should be no homework to make up for the extra time at school.

- Kathy brings up a time back in the 1970's when Westmoreland had half days and the second half of the day students got out around 5:30 and it was awful. She also talks about how she lives in Rome and she doesn't believe that the study that shows Rome as being the #3 city to live in as accurate.


- A fan is suing ESPN because they showed his sleeping at the game and is suing for defamation because the announcers made fun of him.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives his daily weather forecast and we had to wake him up to get it!


- Go to to get your tickets to the Classified/Robert Channing at the Stanley on Saturday, July 12th with proceeds to benefit The Stanley and The The Utica Civic Music Society. You can also call 724-4000 for tickets as well.

- We talk about the continuing violence in Chicago. Are there laws that can deter people from killing one another? If the person is willing to kill someone else, to take their life, then what's to say they will follow a stricter gun law, or any other law for that matter?


- Bill plays audio from commentators making fun of the fan at a Yankees game. We talk about the tailgating process for before baseball games.

- A woman calls 911 because she and her husband were afraid of their cat.

- We discuss the Opie and Anthony firing of Anthony. He was fired because of a racist rant. Should he have been fired for what was on his personal Twitter page?

Mayor Joe Fusco - City of Rome

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Recently Rome was voted the #3 best city to live in New York! A lot of factors go into deciding this including the commute.

- Things like Drone testing and military landings at Griffis Airport just goes to show the growth of the city and overall the area.

- Mayor Joe Fusco also discusses the President's visit to Rome and CNY and the really long handshake.


Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino




The Longest Handshake in "The Handshake City?"








- Mayor Fusco is so happy with the teamwork of Rome, Utica, and the Valley to make the area better.


School Board President Chris Salatino and Superintendent Bruce Karam

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- They are in studio to talk about the grant that is received with the condition to extend the school day.

- Bruce Karam says that sports and extra-curricular activities are important, however school has to come first.

- In regards to teachers, there will be no new staff hired, but they will be compensated for their extra time.

- They have no plans at this time to do weekend teaching. They are actually shooting to have classes on Friday en earlier.

Continuing with Mr. Karam and Mr. Salatino

- LeRoy calls up and talks about his displeasure of not being notified about the grant or even the application for the grant.

- The planning committee has been assembled to put together policies and procedures to solidify and firm up a plan for this.

Here is Kristine Bellino's full story: UCSD: Clearing Up the Confusion

Utica School Grant Discussion Continues

- Leslie calls up as a concerned parent to talk about her concerns with notification and the effect on the parents. She brings up issues of secrecy and the issue is addressed.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi Joins The Conversation

- Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi gives his thoughts on the grant and the extended school day, common core, and his "Nano in your Neighborhood" Forum. That's taking place tonight at the DeSalles Center at 6pm across from Munson Williams.

- Mr. Karam and Mr. Salatino address questions of the future and long term plans for this program and extra-curricular activites are discussed as well.

John Cahill - NY Attorney General Candidate

- John is running the Boilermaker, the 15k, and he's excited for it.

- John is looking forward to speaking with people on the route.

- He's excited for the crowd activity and the support of the community at the race.

- He feels he would be an active Attorney General and he feels the current AG, has not done a good job and people don't know who he is. Mr. Cahill feels Mr. Schneiderman has been absent from the debate on big issues.

- He will fight for jobs and fight corruption in Albany. He touches on the failure of the Moreland Commission.

- John addresses issues of environmental protection and fracking safely.

Gil Torrez - Retired FBI Special Agent

- Before we get to Gil, Ed the Intern gives us the World Cup update and his predictions for today's games.

- We talk about the threat of personal electronic devices disguising small explosives. Internationally airport security is cracking down on and taking extreme precautions to protect from this stuff.

- We talk about random security screening and security checks.

- Law Enforcement agencies rely on citizens to help point out suspicious activities. If you see something it's very important to say something if you see it.

- We talk about contracted security for the nation.

- JoJo closes out with some over/under picks for today's World Cup games.

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