Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Today is Super Tuesday, and there is so much going on!

6 AM Hour

Is Donald Trump unbeatable?  Keeler gives his take on the interview with Donald Trump and the Mussolini quote.  Today is Super Tuesday.  Marco Rubio's verbal assault on Trump has gotten personal.  he is attacking everything from "his spray tan" to his "big hands."

Erin Andrews is suing a hotel chain for revealing that she was staying in a particular room, permitting an alleged stalker to create a peephole and photograph and video her, naked.  The pictures were then published and distributed.

How much privacy should someone expect in a hotel room?  Should the hotel chain be held culpable for revealing the location of Andrews' hotel room to another guest?

Back to Election 2016...Keeler ask, "Should you be true to your country or true to your party?"

Erin Andrews' mother testifed in Andrews' case against the Marriott Nashville at Vanderbilt University saying that the ordeal was an "unending nightmare."  the case involves Michael David Barrett who admitted to videotaping Andrews in her hotel room.

This upcoming weekend in the 45th Annual WIBX Heart Radiothon sponsored by Slocum-Dickson Medical Group.

The Utica Observer-Dispatch has an editorial this morning about Frankfort Police Chief Ron Petrie, who has been a guest of WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.  The mitigating issue in Chief Petrie's dismissal appears to be the issue of police consolidation.

More people are talking about the series "Vinyl."  Our informal panel will discuss the show.

The Boilermaker Road Race is receiving national honors.  We will talk with Tim Reed about the honor.

What has happened to the discussion of Common Core and opt-out?


7 AM Hour

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente joins us on the telephone to discuss accusations made by Fred Dicker and Assemblyman Bill Nojay that Picente engaged in "thuggish behavior" and allegedly threatened county employees not to support the Oneida County GOP committee's potential endorsement of the congressional candidacy of Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney.

Keeler asked Picente if he lobbied for Steve Well, the candidate who ultimately received the endorsement of the Oneida County GOP.  He says that "absolutely" he did.  He says that he is an elected Republican in the county and also has to go in front of the same committee to get the endorsement when he runs for office.  Of the allegations that the move to support Wells was "a Cuomo move," designed to appease Governor Andrew Cuomo, Picente says "that's ridiculous."  He says that in choosing to support Wells two weeks ago his thought was that Wells would help bring people together and get things done.  He says Tenney should not be surprised by the fact that he does not support her.

Picente says he was surprised that the endorsement came on the first vote because there were five candidate, only four of whom were represented at the commitee.  He says that he would have preferred to have supported someone from Oneida County but he could not.  Of Tenney Picente says, "I could not support someone from this county (who does nothing but criticize what others have done."

Political insider Hassan Giordano talks about Election 2016.  Trump will not do a clean sweep today, Giordano says, and Texas may trip him up.  "The establishment always wants to intervene when it is convenient for the establishment."  That, he says, is what voters like about Trump.  On the Democratic side he says Hillary Clinton walks away with the victory.  "Today begins to put Sanders in the memories of a lot of people."

Frankfort Police Chief Ron Petrie joins us.  He explains that he is still the full-time Police Chief for the Village of Frankfort but is no longer the Chief for the Town of Frankfort.  He was terminated at last Thursday's board meeting, ostensibly because of his views on police consolidation.  Joseph P. Kinney, Town of Frankfort Supervisor, turned down our request for an on-air comment this morning but a spokesperson says that a statement will be made available to the press.

Asked if he would take the job back if it were offered to him, Chief Petrie says, based on the way that three members of the town board have treated him he could not take the job back unless there was a change in leadership.  He is considering legal actions against the town.

Local activist James Zecca is stumping for Donald Trump.  He says that he cannot speak for Trump but thinks that the attacks on Trump regarding whether or not he supports the Ku Klux Klan are unfounded.

Zecca predicts Trump will sweep the Super Tuesday races.

8 AM Hour

Ronald "Ron" Sterling from Ilion has passed away.  He was born in 1948.  Ron started "Holly Days," collecting toys for children during the holidays.  His obituary was printed in the Utica Observer Dispatch.

Brian Howard, Executive Director of the Oneida County Historical Society, is in talking about upcoming events at the historical society.  Upcoming events at the OCHS highlight the Ethnic community.

People always complain, Howard says, about how great things were in the "good old days," but he says history should be use as a strating point from which to spring forward.

He also talks about the importance of the Erie Canal to the region.

Jim Rondenelli, Rick E. Lewis, Tim Reed, and intern Ryan Faro join us to talk about HBO's show "Vinyl."

We talk more politics as we review John Oliver's reasons why Donald Trump should not be President.  The clip from Last Week Tongiht with John Oliver is more than twenty minutes long and resulted in a new hashtag, #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain.




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