Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Ahead of President-elect Donald Trump's first press conference since being elected is scheduled for today after 11 a.m. We discuss some potentially damning details from the FBI on Trump.

- Tonya J. Powers joins us now to discuss a number of topics including a study to see if Americans can pick Barbie out of a lineup. Also, the bee population is down which is a big problem.

- As we await an update on the Senate confirmation hearings today from Rachel Sutherland, we discuss the performance of Syracuse.

- We discuss the MVHS information session held at the Radisson yesterday in Utica. What did we learn, and is the money secured?

7 AM Hour

- Jordan Marcel and Toby Jacobs-Mijolovic are in to promote a 'Crafternoon Event' coming this Sunday to Downtown Utica.

- Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi joins us to discuss his plan to host the Governor in Utica as he travels on his State-of-the-State tour.

- After our free money question of the day we speak with Donna. She had a situation happen to her that was similar to what happened to Jeff. She was given a $100 bill from her bank that turned out to be fake.

- We talk with James Manson and Ray Osorio on their plan to bring the "We Need a Hero-Con" event to the Children's Museum. They are now looking for vendors.

8 AM Hour

- Terra Meenan from In Bloom Yoga Studios calls in to give an alternative approach to keeping your New Year's Resolution.

- We catch up with Coach Robert Haberbusch. He leads the Hamilton Men's College Hockey team, which is currently undefeated.

- We recap the big hospital meetings that occurred yesterday, and we talk about some big stories making news. How often is too often for Breast Cancer.

- We wrap up the morning discussing the power outages locally, and by previewing the big show tonight. It's 'Motown the Musical' at the Stanley tonight and tomorrow.

Get a full list of those impacted by the power outages by clicking here.

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