Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Today we will talk with Anthony Brindisi about Sheldon Silver and who would be ideal to replace him as speaker of the Assembly. We will also speak with Mark Caswell Jr. from the Utica Comets to talk about the success of the AHL All-Star Classic.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Marshawn Lynch is a media nightmare and Sheldon Silver has finally agreed to step down as Speaker of the Assembly.


- Feces was found on the gym floor of a school in Texas and what they did to see who it was is despicable.


- Bill was getting all kinds of looks from people at the Stanley during a performance for being on the phone trouble-shooting an issue with his daughter. We also talk withRay Stagich about the storm and the lack-there-of in some areas.

Peter Franklin - True Tales of NYC

- Peter is live from the streets of New York City and we talk about his True Tales. To get the full report from Peter, visit

Brian Bouffard - Bowe Bergdahl

- Brian is a criminal defense attorney and former U.S. Navy JAG Lt. Commander. He is on to talk about whether or not the ARMY would charge Bergdahl with desertion.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

- The Assemblyman is on today to discuss Sheldon Silver and his decision to finally step down as Speaker of the Assembly.

Super Bowl Trivia

- We have two people play our Super Bowl commercials trivia questions and Scott has a question about Bagg's Square.


- We discuss the ultimate Utica debate! Where did Chicken Riggies come from? The latest episode of Plate Night answers the question everyone is dying to know! Watch it here:


- We readdress the issue of the Texas Elementary School that made students pull their pants down because someone defecated on the gym floor.

- We also talk with Mark Caswell Jr. from The Utica Comets about the success of the AHL All-Star weekend.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- We talk with Lt. Hauck about the arterial accident and safety when it comes to driving on busy streets and pedestrians walking.

Continuing with Lt. Steve Hauck

- We continue to talk with Lt. Hauck about profiling and how sometimes it's necessary. We also talk with the Scottish Jimmie McMillian (not Jimmy McMillan) and randomly we found out he owned a share of the Utica Blue Sox at one point.

Football Talk To Close Out The Day

- We talk about Marshawn Lynch really disrespecting NFL legend Deion Sanders and reasons for rooting for teams.

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