Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

7 AM Hour

- In the wake of Claudia Tenney's announcement yesterday that she would once again run for Congress, we speak to a number of her GOP primary opponents including Franklin Sager and George Phillips.

- Leon Etienne is back in town for a performance at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse this Sunday, Oct. 6

- What does Congressman Anthony Brindisi think about Claudia entering the race? He tells us this morning.

8 AM Hour

- Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo is on this morning to talk about the budget she introduced to the common council last week. Plus, updates on various city projects.

- NY Supreme Court Judge Bernadette Clark is seeking re-election and has received a cross endorsement. You rarely see it, but both the Democrats and Republicans are supporting her re-election efforts

- Ryan Nobles of CNN joins us this morning to talk about the latest on the Ukraine controversy.

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