The condition of a man who was suffered a gun shot wound to the chest at Addison Miller park just hours after several thousand runners passed by the park's location in Utica was unknown Sunday afternoon, Utica Police Chief Mark Williams said.

It is also unclear whether the man was shot by a Utica Police officer or, if the wound was self inflicted, as the incident is still being investigated.

The incident occurred just a few hundred yards from the start of the Boilermaker 5k race, and follows the same path that all Boilermaker 15k participants must travel.

Dave Smith, WIBX

Police were alerted to a man in the part with a 'long gun' who may have been firing rounds into the air at the park at around 11:45 a.m., Williams said.

If the time frame is accurate, it was well after all runners had been cleared from the course, however, it is not know if anyone else was at the park when the shooting incident occurred.

It is believed that an officer who responded to the scene discharged his weapon after the man refused to comply with several commands to drop his gun, Williams said, but added it was uncertain whether the man was shot by the officer or shot himself.

Williams said there were some reports that man was 'distraught' but the cause of distress was not unknown.