It’s been an argument since the dawn of time - or at least since the formation of the thirteen colonies.

Which part of New York State is - technically speaking - UPSTATE New York?

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Most New Yorkers have experienced the following conversation with someone who lives in another state:

“Where are you from?”

“New York.”

“Oh! New York City?”

It’s utterly amazing to watch their brains explode with confusion as they seemingly discover there is a whole other massive section of New York state where millions upon millions of people reside.

But can this entire area really all be considered “Upstate New York”?

When people who live in Albany hear about New York City residents spending their weekends at their house “upstate” in Westchester county, it drives them mad. If someone from Rochester is told they live in “upstate New York,” they’ll immediately deny it and say they’re from “western New York.” And if someone in Buffalo talks to someone from Rochester about where “western New York” begins and ends…well, that’s a whole other argument in itself.

Upstate New York could theoretically be anywhere from Poughkeepsie to Watertown - which to many of the state residents who live in this huge area, is - to say the least, frustrating.

TikToker Austin Casey, from Canandaigua, New York, tried to put an end to all of the in-state bickering with one of his recent videos. Using a hand-drawn and color-coded map, he hilariously breaks down which parts of our beloved empire state really can be considered “Upstate New York” and which parts can’t. 

See if you agree with his conclusion, and watch the super funny video below.

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