The Utica Observer Dispatch takes a look at some of the numbers regarding Uber usage in Utica since it's launch in upstate New York six months ago, and what they found wasn't all too surprising. 

The most frequent destinations for Utica users include what you'd expect to find in most small cities: Area college campuses, transportation hubs, pubs and a Wal-Mart.

The top Uber drop-off spot in Utica was the Celtic Harp on Varick Street. In fact, two bars landed in the top three.

**A tip of hat for being responsible.**

When we discussed the list this morning on the Keeler Show, I was actually surprised that one of the city's three hospital campuses wasn't on the Top 10 list -  which can be viewed in this Infographic from the OD, along with the average driver and user rating.

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