The Herkimer Police have announced the disturbing arrest of a man who was in possession of weapons and materials that expressed "extremist" ideas.

Herkimer Man Arrested Twice in One Day

Photo Courtesy of Herkimer Police via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Herkimer Police via Facebook

Officials with the Herkimer Police Department announced that on Friday, March 1st officers conducted a welfare check on 27-year-old Wayne Brunner of 215 North Main Street around noontime. The reason for the welfare check, according to police, was his irrational behavior including a Criminal Mischief arrest earlier in the morning for damaging property at a local convenience store.

During the course of the welfare check, police entered Brunner's apartment and observed some things that caused them concern.

Officials say officers spotted a rifle hanging on the wall and a handgun resting on the stove. That discovery was cause enough for Brunner to be taken to the Herkimer Police Department for questioning.

Obtaining a Search Warrant Following Alarming Confessions

Photo Courtesy of Herkimer Police via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Herkimer Police via Facebook

While at the police station, officials say Brunner admitted to Investigators that he had manufactured as many as three handguns with the help of a 3D printer. Another admission made to authorities was his frustration and eagerness to pack up and leave the area.

After discussions with Brunner, police had enough to apply for a search warrant of his apartment and that is when they discovered several more items that caused concerned.Officials say that as a result of the warrant the following items were discovered.

  • A small quantity of meth for personal use
  • 2 unregistered rifles without serial numbers (fully loaded with round in chamber)
  • 1 shotgun (loaded)
  • 3 privately manufactured handguns (fully loaded with round in chamber)
  • 3-30 round magazines with ammunition
  • 4 Boxes of .223 ammunition
  • Several handgun magazines with ammunition
  • 3-D Printer
  • Flags, Jackets, misc items with extremist slogans and logos
  • 2 lap top computers / SD card and DVD / Handwritten notes

What the notes said are not known, but the discovery was enough for police to arrest Brunner and remand him to the Herkimer County Correctional Facility.

Now Facing Multiple Charges

Photo Courtesy of Herkimer Police
Photo Courtesy of Herkimer Police

Wayne Brunner was arrested and charged with the following.

  • 3 counts of Manufacture Rapid-Fire Modification Device / 265.10 (1) / E-Felony
  • Criminal Possession Assault Weapon-3rd Degree / 265.02 (7) / D-Felony
  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon-3rd Degree / 265.02 (5-1) / D-Felony
  • 4 counts of Criminal Possession of a Firearm / 265.01-B / E-Felony
  • 7 counts of Criminal Possession Weapon 3rd Degree- Ammunition Feeding Device / 265.02 / D-Felony

Herkimer Police say they are actively working with the U.S. ATF and pending that further investigation more charges may be possible. \

He is being held at Herkimer County Correctional on $25,000 cash bail or $100,000 bond.

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