Long rides can be fun if you have something to entertain you along the way. Fortunately for us upstaters, there's more than enough going on regionally to occupy us during car rides.

If you've read our previous list of roadside attractions then you know upstate NY has plenty of unique things to see along your travels. If you're looking for more places to use in your next car game of I-Spy, we've got you covered with 10 more unique roadside attractions throughout the state of New York.

10 More Roadside Attractions in Upstate NY

These roadside attractions are sure to give you some entertainment on your commute through the great upstate of NY.

Here are a couple of honorable mentions that didn't quite make it into the gallery:

Spinning UHaul (Albany)

Google Street View
Google Street View

If you're local, you probably pass this giant UHaul building on a daily basis, complete with the spinning UHaul truck on top, but did you know they filmed the famous chase scene from "Salt" right here in Albany along the 787? You can even see this UHaul spinning behind Angelina Jolie as she moves across the highway during a high speed shootout. You can read more about the movie's connection to Albany here.

Potty Town (Potsdam)

Google Street View
Google Street View

After receiving pushback from the zoning board to utilize land for business, Potsdam local Hank Robar decided to go in a different direction and turn it into an art exhibit of florally decorated porcelain thrones. You can see these works of art along Market St. and Maple St. in Potsdam, NY. Read all about the legal battle that led to the creation of Potty Town here.

Upstate NY's Best Roadside Attractions

I bet you've passed by at least one of these aesthetically pleasing roadside attractions while driving throughout upstate NY. Which one's your favorite?

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