There's a lot of ways that you can judge yourself and your character. The way you treat others. The way you hold yourself to high standards. The way you act in public.

You know what is also a great way of judging yourself? It's something called the "Shopping Cart Theory" and it is truly the test of how good of a human being you are.

It's as simple as this. Take a second and think about the last time you went to the grocery store. Did you use a cart, carriage, trolley, or whatever you might call it? After you were finished with all of your shopping - what did you do with it?

Did you bring it back to a cart corral area in the store, or in the parking lot? Or did you just leave it?

Think about that. Think about it real hard.

This new "shopping cart theory" is going viral for a simple reason: if you RETURNED your cart after using it, that's how you can know you're a good person.

If you didn't........well.

It appears the “shopping cart theory” started on Reddit, and from there, it has been circulating across social media. It's truly teaching people a lesson here and honestly, I'm here for it.

Carts in a parking lot that AREN'T in the cart corral is bad for multiple reasons: it can cause damage to other vehicles, and it's JUST. PLAIN. WRONG!

Don't be lazy. Be a good person. Bring your cart back after you're done with it. You know, it's 2020 and I wouldn't be shocked if the universe came back at you for not returning your cart.

Do the right thing here. Don't go to the "dark side."

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