Monday, March 31, 2014

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- Vin Scully continues to broadcast through tremors during a Dodgers game over the weekend.

- Kentucky upsets Michigan with a last minute 3-pointer to advance to the Final Four.

- April Fool's Day Tomorrow: One classic prank was the press release sent to media outlets in regards to Ed Hanna resigning as Mayor of Utica.

- Utica Comets had a rough weekend but are still in the running for a playoff spot. They are 5 points out of the playoff with 9 games left.

- Ithaca, NY Mayor was on 'Meet The Press' this weekend and he couldn't get past his point about potholes!

We Discussed His Appearance:

Ray Stagich Gives Us His Daily Weather Report

We're not the only ones who think CNN's Malaysian Airlines coverage is excessive. Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" has taken notice as well.

Do you recall your best April Fool's Day pranks?

Did Utica, NY make the list of the top 10 miserable city's in America?

Why Won't Claudia Tenney Come on the Air?

One reason she gave Andrew was that she will not come on until there is a song created about Richard Hanna. We broke down the song and discussed whether it was truly mean-spirited or not.

Congressman Richard Hanna

This is the Congressman's first time on the radio since Claudia announced she would be running against Hanna in the primary.

Remington Arms Skipping Out On Planned Albany Protest

It has been reported that Remington Arms will not participate in a planned protest of the Safe ACT in Albany. What does this say about politics?

The World of Wall Street

How corrupt is Wall Street? Some claim the Stock Market is rigged!

P.W. Creighton

P.W. Creighton is a member of our Townsquare Family and has two new books out. These books are the first two part of his new series "The North Shore."

The books are:

"Bad Reputation"

Cover Art By: Once Upon A Time Covers[/caption]

"Sunglasses At Night"

Cover Art By: Once Upon A Time Covers[/caption]

Jim Brock - Local Business Man

Jim Brock is a local business man who is very close with the Wilson family. He was also very good friends with Ralph Wilson. He discussed his memories of Mr. Wilson and the importance of keeping the Bills in New York. We talked to Jim about Jim Kelly and his condition. We even got into a little political talk with Mr. Brock.

Juanita Bass - Big Part Of Culture Fest This Year

Juanita has been selected as the "Julian Noga Cultural Ambassador of the Year" for 2014.

Culture Fest will be taking place Saturday, April 26th from 12pm - 4pm. Tickets will be available soon. This is a great event where you can sample foods from all different cultures from restaurants here in Central New York.