The Morning Started with the word 'Judgement'

Keeler's VIP Club Gripe of the day was: Judgement.  The question asked to start the day: What causes people to make bad judgement?

Keeler talked about the sentencing of Dave Morgan, 21 months in prison for what authorities called an insurance scam.  Here's the story.

Speaking of Judgement:  Anthony Weiner, the NYC Mayoral candidate.  A new Sienna Poll show Weiner with a record breaking 80% disapproval rating.

The Gabby Cabby Peter Franklin is Upset over Stop and Frisk

Peter Franklin, New York's Gabby Cabby, is upset over the fact that a federal judge has ruled New York PD's Stop and Frisk policy unconstitutional.  Keeler and Peter got into the debate from different stand points.  Peter says we need to trust police  to make the proper judgement when it comes to searching people without reason in order to protect the masses.  Keeler is on the other side.  Here's Peter's website.


Should NCAA Athletes Get Paid?

Justin Cortese was on with his sports feature, "Brushback"

Listen to the audio:  

The County Executive on Sales Tax

County Exec Tony Picente was on explaining why he feels the sales tax should not be lowered.

(Audio Coming Soon)

 Anthony Weiner Breaks a Siena Polling Record

Anthony Weiner has broken a polling record, according to the latest results of a Siena Political Poll looking at political figures in New York.  The record is the fact that his unfavorable rating is higher than anyone before him. Here's the poll.

County Legislator Dave Gordon In Studio

Dave Gordon is asking for the tax rate to be decreased from 8.75% to 8.5%.

(Audio coming soon)

What’s Your Favorite Local Restaurant?

A big topic today was the opening of Olive Garden; so we asked:  ”What’s YOUR favorite local restaurant?”  This week we’re giving free plugs for local restaurants…feel free to call in your favorite.

Check out a list of listeners favorite restaurants on ourFacebook Page.

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