Friday, February 27th, 2015

Today is Friday and the weekend is almost here and that means we'll hear from Willie Waffle with the weekend movie reviews. Also on today's show we'll also speak with Jim Piccola with an arterial project update, Paul Buckley, and many more.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Comets are local all weekend, even thought they're at Syracuse on Saturday, llamas were chased down, and Governor Cuomo continues his war on schools.


- Stefan was on the line, but we lost him and a photo of a dress was posted on tumblr yesterday and the question was asked, is this dress blue or black, or white and gold. This caused the internet to blow up! Here is a link to see the dress:


- The multi-colored dress debate continues and we speak with Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel and we have the possibility of 40 degree weather and rain. Also, Dez Bryant is in some kind of video that may have incriminating evidence against him.


Focus - Will Smith is a con man who has someone from his past, Margot Robbie, showing up at the wrong time.

The Lazarus Effect - A group of scientists find a way to bring people back from the dead, but those dead people aren't quite right.

Before you go to the movies, make sure you visit Willie's website:

Jim Piccola - DOT

- Before we talk to Jim, we talk about 'Sons of Anarchy' and the sadistic couple who tortured the house keeper with a blow torch. We talk to Jim about DOT type stuff including water main breaks, school busses, and the latest on the arterial project. This cold weather has slowed things down a tad.

Paul Buckley - Movie Filmed in Utica

- We talk to Paul about the film that was shot here and the reason they came to Utica and stayed there. We discuss other city happenings with Buck as well.


- Paul is still in studio with us and we discuss the fact that Notre Dame has fired the girl's basketball coach, Mike Plonisch. Nobody knows why, and it appears that his contract has ran out.


- We continue talking a little bit about the ND girl's basketball coach and we talk about the comic book character that has come out of the closet. KFC is testing an edible coffee cup in the UK.

Betty-Joan Beaudry - 2-1-1

- Betty is with the 211 initiative though the United Way and it is a valuable resource. 2-1-1 Mid-York is a free, confidential, 24/7, multi-lingual information and referral service for health and human services serving Madison, Oneida and Herkimer Counties.

Joe Marino and Barb Michler - CDBG Funds

- We have Joe and Barb in studio to talk about her claim that the West Side Senior Center is not given as much money as the other senior centers here in the city. She claims its a difference of $25,000-$30,000 given to other senior centers and $12,000 given to West Side. Joe Marino speaks as much as he can with this.

Joe and Barb Continued

- Barb talks again about all the activities and services they provide and how little they ask from the city, they just wanted to be treated fairly.

Meghan Fraser and Andrea Gaffney - Utica On Tap

- Before we get to Meghan and Andrea, Joe Morelle calls up to give his thoughts on the Notre Dame coaching situation.

- We talk about Utica On Tap with Meghan and Andrea and Meghan will be our honorary "Beer Goddess." For discount tickets for this incredible event on March 7th, 2015 visit