Friday, January 6th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Anthony in Utica starts off the morning calling in to talk about the layoffs at the business formerly known as APAC Customer Service.

- Rachel Sutherland of FOX News Radio updates us on the Russian Hacking briefing for President Obama.

- Before the news update, Bill goes on an abbreviated rant about the assault on the special needs man in Chicago. He may or may not have been speaking to Jim Zecca. Then, we get an update from Rachel Witter.

- An HBO documentary will air tomorrow about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. It was supposed to air this Summer, but has been moved up. Also, did you know the 'Seinfeld' theme song almost wasn't?

- We get our weekly movie review update from the one and only Willie Waffle! Before the reviews he talks about the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

  • Hidden Figures - The true story of African American women who changed NASA.
  • A Monster Calls - A young boy has to cope with his mother's impending death, and has visits from a monster who helps him face it.
  • Underworld - Blood Wars - Kate Beckinsale in tight leather for an entire movie.

7 AM Hour

- Linda Stewart is a CNY resident who tragically lost her 10-month-old son in 1979. She works with an organization that helps prevent tip-over deaths out of Syracuse called 'Safe and Sound with Amaya.'

- We speak with a local author on a book of his that has just been published. It's called 'Damning Memories,' and he is also a very talented Stone Mason.

- We catch up with Samantha Colosimo-Testa. She is a Utica Councilwoman and she is on to discuss the Oriskany Street Roundabout, and what she knows about the Boston Building. That of course is the former home of APAC customer service.

8 AM Hour

- Sheriff Rob Maciol is on this morning to talk about snowmobile safety, and registration. It is New York State Law to register your sled. Be careful out there. - Story Here.

- We discuss a story that someone put on Facebook of a student athlete from Old Forge who fell and hit his head during a basketball game, and appeared to have concussion-like symptoms. Despite that, the coach put him back in the game.

- Senator Joe Griffo joined us this morning to discuss his recent Twitter spat with one of Governor Cuomo's Chiefs of Staff.

- Tyler Benoit is one of the owners of the new board game cafe. It's called 'Wanna Play Cafe.' He talks about this unique experience.

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