Friday, October 20th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio is on this morning to talk about the Mississippi Elementary School that is changing their name from Jefferson Davis to Barack Obama.

- Willie Waffle is our weekend movie reviewer! Here's what's opening in theaters this weekend.

Geostorm - A satellite system is set up to control the weather as climate change goes haywire, but the satellite system goes haywire and Gerard Butler needs to find out why.

Snowman - Michael Fassbender is a detective trying to capture a murderer, who might be a serial killer on the loose. (2 Waffles)

Only The Brave - True story of an elite group of firefighters who protect their town from a wildfire. (3 1/2 Waffles)

Willie Waffle is our weekend movie reviewer and it’s brought to you by Honest John’s Hot Dogs and Polish Kielbasa. They’re made right here in Utica.

7 AM Hour

- We speak with Robert Caltabiano who is a former Secret Service Special Agent on a continued threat of another possible 9/11 type attack.

8 AM Hour

- Katie Giacovelli is with the Utica OD and she's on to promote the upcoming Job Fair they're hosting and she also gives her thoughts on the roast. A few stragglers from last night call in too.

- Jim Zecca and Lou Poccia are in studio this morning to talk about the "Red Zone" and why they feel it's a danger for the future hospital location.

- Buckley joins us this morning the day after the Roast.

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