Monday, August 7th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio is on this morning with a story of The New York Times article about a 2020 bid for President for Mike Pence.

- Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio talks about a bipartisan bill that will protect Robert Mueller and his investigation of President Trump.

7 AM Hour

- Former Intern and Producer calls in with an update on what's new with her.

8 AM Hour

- We are joined by Cyber Security Analyst Shawn Tuma who gives an update on the real possibility of hacking a voting machine.

- Don Smith calls in to give his gripe about a local business ruining a family birthday party because the manager was not going to come unlock the building. The business where the party was supposed to take place was 'Rockin' Jump.'

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