Thursday, February 6th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- The Iowa debacle is still working itself out and we still don't have an OFFICIAL winner. It looks like the results are neck and neck between Mayor Pete and Bernie Sanders. Tonya J. Powers (FNR) delivers a report on what the latest news is.

7 AM Hour

- Saranac is releasing a new Hard Seltzer line that is unlike any on the market now. One of their flavors is Green Tea! We speak with Fred Matt about this new product and when we can expect to taste it.

8 AM Hour

- Rick Lewis is with the Cinema Capitol at the Rome Capitol Arts Complex. They are going to be featuring a film in honor of Black History Month.

- Possible GOP candidates for NY-22, Franklin Sager on the exit of Steve Cornwell from the primary race. Does Sager plan to stay in the race, throughout?

- After a rough morning and inclement weather, Naegele brings in the perfect Winter sipping beers.

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