Thursday, January 24th, 2019

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland (FNR) is on this morning to give an update on the Government Shutdown latest and how several plans are to be voted on today.

7 AM Hour

- Jenna Ellis is a Political Analyst and she's on this morning to talk about the President delaying his State of the Union until the shutdown's end.

8 AM Hour

- Mary from the Good News Center is on this morning to talk about a benefit they're holding for a former worker there. Melissa Kehler is battling breast cancer. Also, Eben Brown from Fox News Radio gives us an update on the Florida Bank Shooting that killed at least 5.

- Brandon Lang is on with us this morning to give reaction and thoughts to the results of the Saints/Rams game.

- Ryan Nobles of CNN is on this morning to talk about the latest news on the Hill and the Covington Catholic High School students.

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