Thursday, May 8th, 2014

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***Today's Topics***


***Plate Night Is BACK. Today at NOON on all 4 TSM Websites***

- Protest occurred last night at the Utica Common Council Meeting about this Stewart's Situation. West Utica was protesting because they wanted it and East Utica protested because they do not want it.

- Whitesboro High School graduation venue situation has been resolved.

- Vladamir Putin appears to be playing peacemaker. He's making speeches about everyone getting along. Is he showing Hitler like behavior?

- Bill is going to try an new product for hair growth. It is a vitamin based hair growth product. We discussed the possibility of side effects and talked about Rogaine's side-effects.

- The unfortunate topic of Black Hairy Tounge came up. It's a nasty disorder that actually grows hair on your tongue. Google it if you don't believe us, but be warned it's NASTY!


- Some medications, specifically ones for weight loss, have crazy side-effects like losing too much weight.

- Talking about what's to come on today's show.

- One guest, Mark Parisi, is an extreme cheapskate and he is the human guinea pig. He even was willing to sell one of his testicles for $35,000. It led to some interesting discussion that made Bill go to break.


- "Plate Night" returns today at Noon on all 4 Townsquare Station websites and we start it off with "The Fairways" at Mohawk Valley Country Club.

Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his daily forecast and tells us that we shouldn't worry about that Jim Cantore and his potential cold Summer prediction.


- President Obama made the statement that we will try and eradicate evil entirely. Not a bright statement since we can't even agree on the placement of a Stewart's Shop.

- Now the Syracuse area is expected to get 50 new or renovated Stewart's Shops.

- Bill can understand where the East Utica residents are coming from, but despite increased traffic it could bring positive changes to the area.

- The problem is that we are protesting something so insignificant.

Teresa Bruce - Author: "The Other Mother: A Rememoir"

- Before talking to Teresa we talked about Putin passing a blogging law which requires editing of negative opinion and constant fact checking. This is the responsibility of the author.

- Discussing the "Other Mother." The term stems from slavery days. But today the broad term is a non-biological woman who doesn't have to care that does.

- She is not a mother but is an "Other Mother." Sometimes you need someone who's not your family to talk to about stuff you can't talk about with your actual Mom.

- Teresa Bruce was a TEDx presenter:

Lou's Feelings

- Listener Lou called up to blast Bill for his false statements about Obama. Lou claims that Obama never said we will get rid of all evil.

- It led to a full debate with Lou about Obamacare.

Mark Parisi - The Human Guinea Pig

- Mark is on the TV show "Extreme Cheapskates" and he is the Human Guinea Pig. He has given up one of his testicles for $35,000. He was also paid $5,000 to participate in an Ebola virus vaccine study.

- He was doing this clinical study to supplement his income. He did not have to spend his salary because of these studies. He did do a flat line study, which stopped his heart for one minute.

- His mom is very supportive and so is his family.

- Go to Mark's website:

What Clinical Trials Can You Get Involved With Locally

- One website for studies in New York:

Jordanian Talk Show

- The debate gets heated and the table on the set gets destroyed.

Here is a link to the Video:

Charity Boxing This Weekend At MVCC

- Tom Aceto, David Goldbas, and Rich Nicotera are on to promote a charity boxing event at MVCC to benefit disabled Veterans. The bouts will take place at MV Saturday the 10th @ 7:00pm.

Senator Joe Griffo - Redskins Team Name Issue

- Senate proposing a resolution to stop the specific racial slur of "Redskins."

- In the wake of Donald Sterling incident the situation is heightened. The term "Redskins" is defined as a racial slur.

- New York State needs to be at the forefront to set an example for everyone else to make these changes.

- You don't use "N" words for black people, you don't use the "R" word for being developmentally challenged, and we shouldn't use "Redskins" for the team name.

Oriskany High School

- It's odd that miles from the Oneida Nation is a high school with the team name "Redskins" still.

Katie Ullman - First Source Federal Credit Union

- Talking about the Ride For Missing Children and an Iowa family who will be coming up for the ride. A news station from Iowa will be bringing their satellite van as well.

- The Ride draws attention from all across the United States. A few people are working to get a live stream from the Today Show.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Craft Beer of the Week!

- Naegele brought in an assortment of Empire Brewing Company Beers, but we spoke specifically about the White Aphro. It's a unique beer with lavender and ginger.

- The Empire brewery is out of Syracuse, NY.