Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

6 AM Hour

Recapping the winners and losers of the Iowa Caucuses. Plus, an update on our bottled water drive - Chanatry's briefly ran out of water on Monday due to overwhelming support

Florida civilian pulls over a cop for speeding -we've got audio. And, Keeler wants to know what you would do with found money

Keeler has the story of a man who 'found' $80 in a self-checkout machine at the local store. If you found the money, would you keep it or return it?

7 AM Hour

Starting the hour with a Super Bowl related FREE Money Question of the Day.

Caller Sergio wants to weigh-in on found money. He's actually been in this situation before

Political consultant Harlan Hill shares his thoughts on the Iowa Caucus results

Tom Heiland of Utica Mack stops in with an update on our bottled water drive. Tom has donated a truck to be filled, but is it already full?

8 AM Hour

Kane Grogan of Death Wish Coffee. Not only has Keeler been using it as his afternoon boost, but the company also won a Super Bowl ad for small businesses.

Keeler has more info on the $1,000 giveaway this weekend. Plus, Andrew is just back from Chanatry's with an update on the bottled water drive for Flint, and Kristine and Keeler answer some of the question we're receiveing.

Anthony DeJean of Loaves and Fishes at 401 North Washington Street in Rome has agreed to be a drop off location in Rome for our bottled water drive

We welcome a new intern to the show. Plus another change at our FREE Money Question of the Day