Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Today we speak with Paul Sohacki who was featured on the 20/20 segment about neighbors from hell and Joe Hobika will talk to us about finding a replacement for Jason Flemma on the Utica Council.

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***Today’s Topics***


- We preview what we've got for you on today's show.


- Doug Marrone's former colleague Bob Casullo spoke pretty candidly about him and his experiences with Marrone.

Paul Sohacki - 'Neighbors From Hell'

- Paul was recently on an episode of 20/20 as part of a segment titled, 'Neighbors from Hell.' He share his story of his neighbor from hell.

Continuing with Paul

- We play some audio from the 20/20 feature.


- Andrew is outraged over the fact that some social media users didn't know who Paul McCartney.

Ken Jenkins - Aviation Crisis Consultant

- Ken talks about bad behavior on airplanes and how it's on the uprise. Air Rage is a real thing.


- Keisha Knight Pulliam spoke out about the Bill Cosby allegations and we play the pronunciation game with Jodi!


- We continue the discussion of pronunciation of words.

Christopher Swain

- Chris swam the whole length of the Mohawk River for Clean Water Awareness. You can visit Chris' website:

Joe Hobika - City Republican Chair

- Joe is on to talk about replacing Jason Flemma on the Utica Common Council.

Wrapping Up For The Day

- Tom calls up to talk about Ice Fishing.

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