Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Today we speak with Chorbishop John Faris, author and professor Frank Romano, and we sample some local moonshine from DikinDurt Distillery in Herkimer.

6 AM Hour

- A wealthy father who is in his 70s and dying left in his will guidelines for his young daughters when it comes to their inheritance. Also, the Utica OD ran with a story about an Austrian-based company is planning to build a chip-fab plant in New York's Tech-Valley.

- Bill's wife Alison watched 'I Am Caitlyn' and she is a fan. Kristine also watched and gives us her perspective on it. Bill's wife also loves Periscope and we'll get into that more later. Fark.com also may have the best headline ever.

- John Boehner cries again! Also, John Zogby has a new poll out that shows Trump having great numbers. The most popular demographic for him is women. People like how open he is and the fact that he speaks his mind.

- The Boy Scouts of America have lifted the ban on gay scout leaders. The mormon church has a huge problem of it. Fark.com had a great headline, "Gays Can Now Tie The Knot."

7:10 AM Hour

- Ned Holstein is the Founder and Board Chair of The National Parents Organization. He is on to talk about the changes that need to be made to the Family Court rulings and custody. We also talk with him about a study that shows daughters experience significant benefits when their mothers work.

- Andrew goes out to the end of the driveway to give away 3 lbs. of 'Honest John's' Hot Dogs.

- Chorbishop John Faris has joined us this morning fresh off his trip from Israel and he talks to us about what a mess it is over there. We also talk to him about the Pope and Chorbishop Faris admires him. It's also Taste of Lebanon time and it's this weekend and all the food is homemade. It will be at the Deerfield Firehouse.

- We play audio regarding the Boy Scouts Lifting the Ban on Gay Scout Leaders.

8 AM Hour

- We talk with author, lawyer, and professor Frank Romano. His latest book is called 'Love and Terror in the Middle East.' We talk to him about the problems in the Middle East and President Netanyahu's ruling with an Iron Fist. He gives his thoughts on the Iran Nuclear Deal.

- We have Beth Stack from DikinDurt Distillery in Herkimer in studio to talk about her amazing Moonshine product. She also explains what Moonshine is and the different types and we even sample some of it.

- We continue to talk with Beth Stack and we sample some more product including the new flavored moonshine expected out by the end of August.

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