Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Today we speak with local sauce makers The Beekman Brothers who are going national and we will speak with Robert Geer (President of SUNY PI) about the upcoming QUAD C Community Day.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Former Baseball Player and admitted steroid user, Jose Conseco, shot his finger off while cleaning his gun.

- The Adirondack Scenic Railroad public meeting was last night. They are wanting to extend up towards Lake Placid.

- The inventor of the board game "Operation" needs surgery, but has no money to pay for it.

- A neighborhood in Florida may be cancelling Halloween due to wild hogs causing havoc.

- The Kansas City Royals tied the series 3-3 with a shutout win of 9-0.


- A NASA rocket exploded in Virginia. It was supposed to bring supplies to the International Space center. Due to some technical difficulty, the self-destruct command was initiated.

For more details and to see the video click here:

- CBS is under fire for burying anti-Obama stories.


- The White House computer system appears to have been hit with a cyber attack.

- We will speak later on to the Beekman Boys who have made their own sauce and it's going national. We also review some more of our guests.

- Ray Stagich gives his Weather Forecast.

Peter Franklin - True Tales from NYC

- Peter Franklin is the Gabby Cabby and he joins us every Wednesday at this time to give us his true tales from New York City!

Visit Peter's Website:

Lt. Governor Candidate Chris Moss

- Chris Moss is the Sheriff of Chemung County and he has been chosen by Rob Astorino to run with him for Lt. Governor. We speak with him about reasons why people should vote for him. We also discuss fracking and the SAFE Act.

- Sheriff Moss will be at Northern Star Orchards with Congressman Hanna today.

The Beekman Boys

- The Beekman Boys are a couple from Sharon Springs. Josh and Brent are calling from Texas and they are promoting their new cookbook and are teaching classes across the nation.

- The Beekman Boys also have a new sauce that's locally made and it's going national.

Free Money Question of the Day #1

- Our first contestant is Jared from Whitesboro! His question is What is Tinnitus? The answer is ringing in the ear, but he was not correct. He does win Dinner for 2 at Carmella's.

- We talk about a woman in New York City who was video taped for 10 hours and dealt with cat calls over 100 times.

Joe Hobika - Talking City Politics

- Joe is the City of Utica Republican Chair and we are talking with him about the local city politics here in Utica. Joe is also sponsoring our Weight Loss Challenge.

- We briefly speak with Jim Zecca about the Adirondack Scenic Railroad.

Mike Maden - Author

- Mike has written a novel called Blue Warrior - A Troy Pearce Novel. This book is a fictional novel about drones. We also talk to Mike about the issue and topic of Drones and other unmanned vehicles.

CNY Open House Shoot - Teddy Bear Toss

- Scot Hayes from New York Sash is in studio with Tom and Will from Utica Mack. We are also shooting a segment for the NY Sash sponsored "Central New York Open House" show Sundays on WKTV at 11 AM. We are promoting out Toy Drive with emphasis on the Teddy Bear Toss.

Robert Geer - President of SUNY POLY

- Robert Geer is the President of the new SUNY Poly (Formerly SUNY IT). He is on to talk about the Quad C Community Day taking place this Saturday, November 1st. We also discuss Nano Science here in Utica.

We Continue Talking with Robert Geer

- Bill asks Mr. Geer questions that some people who have negative feelings about Quad C and Nano Utica have.

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- Our contestant is Jeff from Oriskany! He didn't get a guess in, but the pitcher who won the first World Series was his question. The answer was Cy Young and Jeff won dinner at Carmella's for two.

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