A Utica native whose grown to become marquee entertainer for audiences around the globe has landed a deal that he's calling a 'dream come true.'

And, the news for Illusionist Leon Etienne could be getting better.

It's really a dream come true; My own theater. It's Vegas, but it's the Bahamas.

'There may or may not be a T.V. show coming out this summer. And, I will make Central New York aware when that is able to be released,' Etienne said Tuesday, joining WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.

Local fans can seem him LIVE at a pair of shows this Saturday (2/4/17) in the Turning Stone Resort and Casino's Showroom. After this weekend, Etienne is headed to work on an island that he describes as a cross between Las Vegas and the Bahamas.

'I'm calling this the people's show. Because everyone loves the illusions and everyone loves the big stuff; They saw Romy and I do all the big illusions. But, people ask me, 'Do you still do all the close up magic?' And, that's what this show is going to be.' Big screens and digital imagery will allow the entire audience a bird's eye view of his show this weekend, he said.

The Utica native has been working in China for the past year and a half but recently signed a two-year contract to perform on the resort island of Saipan, the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands in the Philippine Ocean.

Leon Etienne on WIBX (Jeff Monaski, WIBX)
Leon Etienne on WIBX (Jeff Monaski, WIBX 1/31/17)

'It's basically right near Guam. It's a huge resort and casino area for Japanese, Chinese and Korean tourists. It's really a dream come true; My own theater. It's Vegas, but it's the Bahamas.

'I did a little research, and the temperature range is between 70 and 85 all year round,' Etienne said.

Where's Romy?

Longtime fans have wondered where the other half of the jaw-dropping team has been. Leon and Romy shined nationally on America's Got Talent, then wowed the audience and veteran performers Penn and Teller on their T.V. show, 'Fool Us'.

Leon Etienne and Romy Low on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning by Kristine Bellino 10112013
Leon and Romy (Kristine Bellino, WIBX - 10/11/13)

'For ten years we had an amazing career together. And, then life kicks in. It was time to - in her eyes - slow down a little bit. You gotta remember she packed up her entire life and moved from Melbourne, Australia, leaving her family behind, to come help me live my dream. And we worked on that for years, we got to a really great place and business was amazing and still is amazing. She wanted to do other things and missed her family a lot - nothing I can blame her for' Etienne said.

'The best news is we still talk all the time - we are great, great friends. [But] we had different goals and were going in different directions.'

'Everyone's been so understanding, and everyone wanted some big drama. It was a really calm and mature discussion over dinner one night, like 'What do you see over the next five years?' For me it's full throttle...And, Romy wants me to tell Central New York she still loves you guys and she will be coming to visit. She can't thank Central New York enough for welcoming her with open arms.'

Leon and Romy Together
Photo courtesy of Leon Etienne

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