I have so many questions but first and foremost: Aren't airplanes locked when they sit idle at the airport?

Sheriff's say a man was able to slip past security at Albany International Airport in the early hours Monday morning and after going unnoticed, he inexplicably found his way inside an unoccupied airplane.   Once inside the plane, he actually hung out in the cockpit for a little while according to sources.

It wasn't until he excited the cockpit and then tried to enter the gate boarding area that 23-year-old Stan D. Johnson from the Bronx was apprehended by TSA according to the Daily Gazette.

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According to the report, the cockpit criminal found his way onto the airplane around 3:30AM on Monday morning.  Johnson was ultimately apprehended by sheriff's a short time later when according to the report by the Gazette, he left the airplane cockpit and then made his way to a gate boarding area.  That's where he was stopped by a TSA agent.

There is no word on what kind of airplane he was able to get into, or what his motive was, but officials do believe they know how he was able to get inside the plane.

The investigation revealed that "Johnson got in by breaching an airport security fence. (He) then walked through the runway area until he entered a jet way bridge. He then got into the unoccupied aircraft and into its cockpit."

Johnson was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing and is due in court at a later date according to sources.

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