Here's a funny story. WIBX morning show host Bill Keeler is a junior. His father is Bill Keeler Sr. and he's a legislator on Herkimer County's Legislature.  

There's been plenty of talk over the last year the Bill Sr. might be sharing secrets from the legislator with Bill Jr. who might use the information on his radio show. Both Keelers have insisted that no information has been shared, much to the dismay of Junior. Now, enter the funny part of the story.

A fight broke out between two Herkimer County Legislators this week and one of the foes decided to share the email battle with the entire legislature. So, one by one, he cc'd every member of the legislature. The problem is, when it came to Legislator Bill Keeler, the angered representative included Junior's email instead of Senior's. Thus, the county's secrets were funneling into Junior's email account.  After about 24-hours, Junior informed Senior of the error and the rest is history.

Listen to Bill explain, here.


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