It seems that lack of clear communication from the school might have made matters worse in a security scare recently at Whitesboro High School, according to the father of the student involved who told his story on Friday morning during the Keeler Show. Brian Tesmer said that his son is the victim of bullying and the antics of a handful of students who's social media prank led to his son being intercepted by State Police last week. "It was very scary," said Tesmer, who said the police were just doing their jobs.

The story begins last year, when Tesmer's son brought a toy 'air soft' gun to school and students reported seeing it. His son was expelled from school for several weeks after that incident. Tesmer says he doesn't have a problem with the school's handling of that matter.  Fast forward to current, Tesmer says he feels his son, who he describes as 'quirky' but someone who 'wouldn't hurt a fly' - was bullied when students spread rumors in school and through social media that his son was going to come to school and "shoot everyone." He said on Monday, he met with the school and it was determined that his son did nothing wrong and that the story was a malicious rumor. On Monday night, the rumor continued on social media and by Tuesday morning, a parent had reported the "threat" to New York State Police.  Tesmer said as his son was exiting his home on Tuesday, he was stopped by State Troopers who "had their hands on their weapons" and asked to search his bag because they received a report that he was coming to the school to shoot and kill people. Tesmer says that after the search and an interview they determined that the entire incident was caused by a rumor started on social media.

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