Who has the best pizza in Greater Utica?

Which fine dining restaurant in the region is considered the people's favorite?

These are just some of the questions answered in WIBX's People's Choice Awards for 2015.  There were 23 categories and listeners of WIBX's First News with Keeler nominated and voted for their favorites.

  • Best pastries, Best cup of coffee, Best Tomato Pie, Best Pizza, Best Ethnic Restaurant, Best Chicken Riggies, Best Fine Dining Restaurant, Best Casual Restaurant,, Best Breakfast Restaurant, Best Bar Food, Best Bartender, Best Fish Fry, Best Bread, Best Sandwich, Best Burger, Best Hot Dog, Best Utica Greens, Best Meatballs, Best sausage, Best Wings, Best Buffet,  Best BBQ, Best Food Truck

Here are the results:

Best Hot Dog

1st-  Voss's

2nd- The Patio Drive-In

3rd- Nickydoodles

Best Burger

1st-  5 Guys

2nd- Brian's Burger at PK's Pub

3rd- Knuckleheads

Best Sandwich

1st-  Bennu

2nd-  (Tie)

Voss's Pork BBQ Sandwich (All the Way)

Peter's Cornucopia

Pumpernickel's Deli

More will be announced on Keeler tomorrow.