A lot of people have decided not to fly this summer because of the COVID-19 scare and restrictions. However, if you've decided to fly or have to travel by plane, there might be some really good deals out there.

Allegiant Air is a budget airline that travels out of Syracuse and Albany airports and if you're willing to travel within their date restrictions, there are some really killer deals underway right.

For instance, if you travel from Columbus, Ohio to Orlando, FL between 8/1 and 8/15, tickets are just $25. There are restrictions and fees like baggage check and reserved seats, but the price is almost worth driving to Columbus and hopping on the plane.

Are you looking to travel this summer to Myrtle Beach? Flights from Syracuse to Myrtle between 8/9 and 8/23 are on sale right now for $46.

Labor Day flights to cities that the carrier flies to start at just $30 and there are flights in the fall that start at just $26.

Budget airlines are not for everyone. There's little legroom, you'll pay to check in bags and won't get much in the way of complimentary services. Budget airlines like Allegiant often suffer from delayed and cancelled flights, but if you're looking for a deal, this is the way to go.

Check to see if there's a flight that fits your needs by visiting their website. You really can't beat the price.


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