Friday, January 10th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- Harry and Meghan are leaving the royal family, kind of. Simon Owen (FNR) delivers a report on the bombshell news.

- Willie Waffle is our weekly movie reviewer and there are two great ones and two flops, according to Willie.

1917 - Two young men on an impossible mission to save thousands, and the brother of one of them. (4 Waffles)

Just Mercy - Michael B. Jordan fights for a man (Jamie Foxx) who was wrongly convicted of a heinous crime. (3 1/2 Waffles)

Underwater - Scientists have to abandon their underwater lab when an earthquake hits.  What's out there on the ocean floor? (1 Waffle)

Like A Boss - Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne run and own a cosmetics business that has attracted a rich buyer that could bale them out of debt. (1/2 Waffle)

7 AM Hour

- The House introduced the War Powers Resolution yesterday which would limit the President's military options in Iran. Brad Blakeman, former Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush, talks about limiting presidential power when it comes to a military strike against someone like Qasam Soleimani.

8 AM Hour

- Brandon Lang is our betting man and he tells us which games he'd be putting his money on for the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs.

- Special guest joins the Keeler Show: Alan Dershowitz. He has a new book out titled, "Guilt by Accusation." We talk with him about a number of topics including Iran, Impeachment, the O.J. trial and being falsely accused in the #MeToo era.

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