Here’s a wrap-up of Monday’s Keeler in the Morning show on WIBX.  What's up with the huge and numerous contrails in the skies over Utica.  We'll discuss it.
Today's VIP Club Gripe: Eli (Just for Giants fans)
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Alex Kogut Memorial 5K Run/Walk

Jennifer Bowman was in studio.  She's the organizer.

The Bike for the Man With No Arms

Mike Trimble was born in Soviet-era Ukraine and as a result of the 1986 nuclear Chernobyl tragedy, he was born with no arms.  He now lives in America and wanted to ride a bike.  So, he reached out to Michael Brown of Maestro Frameworks in Pittsburgh and he designed a new bike for people with no arms.

Tina Stanley Searching For Twin Siblings
She has a twin siblings - a brother and sister - who were both 10 years before she was, but she's never met them. Tina Stanley, who now lives in North Carolina but is originally from Herkimer County, is seeking out the family she has never known. She says her parents - who are both deceased - gave up the twins after their premature births in 1959. Now, they are the only full blooded family she has left on earth.

Contrails or Chem Trails

This is a photo taken in Marcy.  It seems that these trails behind airplanes are increasingly strong.  What's up? See the photo above.

Derek Amato Hit His Head and Now is a Musical Genius

Watch the video below.  It's an amazing story.  [Audio will Follow]

He has a new book out on 10/20/13 called "My Beautiful Disaster" My Brain Injury, My Gift, My Life.

Derek Amato joins First News with Keeler in the Morning:

High School Football with Ron Moshier of the Utica OD

A recap of High School Football this past weekend, and a preview of this weekend.

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