Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

7 AM Hour

- A new program in Utica is helping people achieve their goals and dreams. Chris Cochran of Innovation Collective talks about all the upcoming events to help accomplish goals.

- With the election season back in full swing, even thought it never REALLY ended, we have a candidate for Utica Council-at-Large in studio. He's Michael Gentile and we discuss roads and other issues.

8 AM Hour

- Dr. Richard Chmielewski is with the Falcon Clinic and he's in this morning with Victoria to discuss a treatment and cure for Hepatitis C. If you're a baby boomer or close to one, you should get tested.

- With Claudia Tenney entering the race for Congress in NY 22 on Monday, that brings the number to four for the GOP hopefuls. Steve Cornwell is the Broom County DA and he makes the case for why he should be the choice.

- Beth Irons is on this morning to promote the upcoming Oneida County Public Market Saturday.

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