He was supposed to be on to talk about an osteopathic approach to treating flu and COVID-19 symptoms. Just before we got into the medical conversation, WIBX's Bill Keeler veered off the beaten path.

"I'd like to veer off topic just a bit before we get started to see if you'd like to reflect at all on what's going on in the world of politics right now," Keeler asked.

At first, the question caught Dr. Richard Chmielewski of the Falcon Clinic in Washington Mills off guard. After all, he was supposed to be talking about the flu and COVID-19 and he had just been asked to travel down the rabbit hole that is our current political climate.

The interview was on Thursday morning, and at that time we still didn't know where the race for President was going to end up. Supporters of President Trump and then, former Vice President Joe Biden had been on air moments before arguing over fair elections, absentee ballots and which guy deserves the win.

But after a brief pause, Dr. Chmielewski unleashed a passionate, heart-felt commentary on America and free elections. He then surprised us all when he told us about his parents powerful story of coming to this country, his intense love of the nation and the fact that he is actually an American immigrant.

This story is being posted on Saturday afternoon, just minutes after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the election and our upcoming 46th President. There's great jubilation around much of America, yet in this divided country, there are many supporters of President Trump who are saddened. And as the President has Tweeted that he disagrees with the results and promises litigation, and while much of the country is painfully divided, hearing the passionate words from a local doctor about a country he loves, is - sorry about the pun - just what the doctor ordered.

The call is just over 2 and a half minutes long and it's definitely worth listening to.



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